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Is Foamex suitable for an outdoor advertisement?

Foamex,the compressed PVC board is the latest innovation in the advertisement sector. Foamex- the name may confuse you but there is nothing foamy or soft in this. Though it is a lightweight material yet it’s mechanical and insulation properties are worth mentioning. A dense and rigid material, foamex is known for a smooth and glossy finish. It can be easily printed on using large foamex printing, and that is why it is popular as advertisement material.
Foamex is often used as an advertising material because the material is available in a large range of colors, it's smooth finishing, it’s ease of printing, strength and durability.Foamex sheet is hard enough to be confused with a solid acrylic sheet. It can be easily cut, drilled, glued or screwed. It is almost the same material as double glazed doors and windows. Foamex is extremely resistant to weather and that is what makes it suitable for outdoors.The core of the Foamex boards is rigid and it is wrapped in between two smooth shee…

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